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My Norrington family link is by way of my paternal 3 x Great Grandmother, Jane Norrington, the youngest child of Benjamin and Betty (nee Holly) of Calne, Wiltshire.

From Jane, I've traced my Norrington ancestry back to my 8 x Great Grandfather, William Norrington. Where William originated from is not known. He had 4 children, all baptised in Calne, the youngest of whom, Benjamin (1686-?), was my 7 x Great Grandfather.

Benjamin Norrington, my 7 x Great Grandfather, was baptised on 1st August 1686 at Calne, Wiltshire. He married Elizabeth Davis on 24th June 1707 at Bremhill, Wiltshire. Benjamin and Elizabeth had 5 children, all boys, the 2nd of whom was my 6 x Great Grandfather, Benjamin junior (1710-1779).

Benjamin Norrington, my 6 x Great Grandfather, was born on 16th August 1710 and baptised at Calne, Wiltshire. Benjamin, a Cloth Worker, married Betty Burgess on 1st September 1731 in Calne. They had 5 children of whom William (1735-?), the eldest boy, was my 5 x Great Grandfather. Benjamin died in 1779 and was buried in Calne. He held a number of leasehold properties in Calne which are mentioned in his Last Will & Testament dated 27th February 1779.

William Norrington, my 5 x Great Grandfather, was baptised in Calne on 22nd October 1735. William, a Weaver, married Sarah Martyn on 9th June 1758 in Devizes, Wiltshire. William and Sarah had 5 children of whom Benjamin (1759-?), the eldest, was my 4 x Great Grandfather.

Benjamin Norrington, my 4 x Great Grandfather, was baptised in Calne on 26th October 1759. Benjamin married Betty Holly on 13th October 1782 in Calne. Benjamin and Betty had 7 children, the youngest of whom was my 3 x Great Grandmother Jane (1800-1852).

Jane Norrington, my 3 x Great Grandmother, was born in Calne, Wiltshire on 14th January 1800. She married my 3 x Great Grandfather, Jasper Wheeler, a Sawyer on 12th March 1821 at Bremhill, Wiltshire and they had 6 children, including my 2 x Great Grandmother, Jane Wheeler. Jane senior died, of Chronic Bronchitis, in 1852 in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

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