Reg Mayhew's Family History


I've traced my Rice ancestry back to my 3 x Great Grandfather, James Rice (c1802-1868), a Cabinet Maker, who was born in London c1802, according to the 1851 census, although it gives no more precise a location. Time-wise, James next appears in my research marrying Mary Bagshaw at St. Peter's, Aston, Birmingham on 26th August 1829. What led him to Birmingham from his roots in London, and at what date, is open to question but a James and Richard Rice (possibly his brother) appear in a Directory* as "cabinet and dressing case and portable desk etc. makers" of Bradford Street, Birmingham in 1830. Like James, Richard was also married at St. Peter's, Aston, to Emma Hill on 14th October 1828. Both marriages were witnessed by a Henry Rice, although his likely relationship to the bridegrooms is not proved. * "The History, Topography & Directory of Warwickshire" by William West

James and Mary had 3 children all born in Birmingham, the youngest of whom was my 2 x Great Grandfather Allen (1833-1889). By the time of the 1841 Census, James had returned to the city of his birth and the family were resident at Lawrence Street, Chelsea, London. Richard and Emma had also moved on by 1841 and were living in West Derby, Lancashire with 6 children.

James died on 6th May 1868 at 2 Justice Walk, Lawrence Street, Chelsea.

My 2 x Great Grandfather, Allen Rice, was born in 1833 in Birmingham. He married Elizabeth Cobb on 18th May 1856 at St. Martin-in-the-Field, London. Allen and Elizabeth had 2 children (boys), the eldest of whom was my Great Grandfather Allen Henry (1857-1897).

My Great Grandfather, Allen Henry Rice, was born on 2nd April 1857 in Chelsea. Allen married Mary Alma Walsh on 6th March 1881 at St. John, Chelsea, London. They had 3 children, including my Grandmother, Elizabeth Alma (1882-1966).

My paternal grandmother, Elizabeth Alma Rice, was born on 6th May, 1882, in Fulham, London.

Elizabeth married my Grandfather, William Alfred Humphries, in May 1901 at St. Oswald's, Fulham, London. They had 10 children, the youngest of whom was my mother Grace Mary (1923-1997).

The Family Name of Rice



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